Finding Fishers For The Future

A Bit about me

My name is Fraser Thomson I own Pottishaw Fly Fishery in Whitburn West Lothian. I have fished since I was seven. My very first fishing trip was with my Dad. A sea fishing adventure with the guys from my Dads work. A trip only made possible by my Mum demanding that he took me(I only found out about this a few years ago) thanks Mum! Addiction quickly followed! I will never forget the buzz of seeing a "full house" of mackerel sparkling in the depths below the boat. On my second trip I won the heaviest fish on the boat competition with a 12lb Ling. 12 guys on the boat equals £12 a lot of money in 1983. My Dad got the money then my Mum took the money(minus a few pints) for the family pot. Me? I got a bag of kola kubes and the Beano to read while I sat outside the boozer. More important than any money was the fact that he was proud of "his boy". My Dad has been gone for 20 years, we only fished a few times together after that day I regret that. The River Almond was next for me with the older kids from my street. All the kids in my street fished, it was a cool thing to do in the 80s. Shuggy Mac was the best amongst us, we are still mates to this day. I dreamed of being Huck Finn. I dug ponds in my garden and had a pet pike in an old fish tank in my bedroom. This was the start of my apprenticeship. If you are being told at school that you can not get paid to go fishing do not believe them. I know loads of people who do. Most of these people are on board with the project and will be available for advice for both kids and parents. I am on the 22nd year of my career and still learning something new every day. I have fished the very best rivers and stillwaters that Britain has to offer but only one river has my heart. The River Almond in West Lothian! A glorious (if at the moment a bit stinky) little spate river bursting with quality runs and pools that you would pay a small fortune to fish. The Almond is 50% of the reason that I am doing this project. A unique opportunity has arisen from The Forth River Trusts fabulous work. This together with a good and getting better angling association. As the Trust regenerate the river this is my attempt to regenerate the fishing population. I will be running the project in conjunction with the Trust,local fishing clubs and local tackle shops. I also hope to work with Police Scotland and wildlife organisations. Any other parties interested please feel free to get in touch. All local fisheries are welcome to join in. Mass participation will be key to the projects success